Internet from HughesNet Offers a Better Way to Connect

Should choosing to live in a peaceful, secluded place prevent you from enjoying the benefits of high-speed Internet service? If you answered no, it’s time to choose satellite Internet with HughesNet™.

HughesNet delivers quality rural Internet to more homes and businesses than any other provider. Customers from Maine to Montana count on high-speed HughesNet Gen4 and award-winning HughesNet customer service — and so should you.

Call the number on your screen and make America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet your choice too!

Select the Plan That’s Perfect for You

Satellite Internet from HughesNet offers multiple plans to help ensure that you get just as much high-speed Internet service as you want at a price you’re comfortable with.
No matter what kind of Internet user you are, you’ll find a plan that meets your needs.

The Casual Browser

Choose a plan with basic Download/Upload speeds if you spend most of your time online sending email and doing a little light web-surfing.

The Social Networker

Take your online experience to the next level with a plan that offers more Download/Upload capacity, making it easy to share photos and updates on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

The Multimedia Maven

Get a top-performing Internet plan from HughesNet so you can watch movie clips, stream Internet radio, play turn-based games and much more.

Enjoy Great Features with Every HughesNet Gen4 Plan

Satellite Internet from HughesNet delivers outstanding value, especially when you consider the features that come standard with all HughesNet Gen4 plans. They include:

  • SmartResources — Stay up-to-the-minute on your data usage with the handy Status Meter.
  • SmartFetch — Your online time is important. Make the most of it with this exclusive technology that loads pages faster.
  • SmartCompression — Want to download more while using less of your Data Allowance? This tool shrinks online data by as much as 30 percent.

See Why Satellite Is the Best Choice for Rural Internet

For too many people, rural Internet means one of two things: A. dealing with a frustratingly slow dial-up connection at home, or B. using a workstation at a public library, which may also have dial-up or DSL service.

Satellite Internet offers a better solution. It’s faster than dial-up, faster than DSL and certainly more convenient than driving to the library. Why go out when you can enjoy better Internet speed without leaving home?

Call to Connect – Get Internet from HughesNet!

It’s easy to make quality Internet service a part of the lifestyle you’ve chosen. Just call the number on your screen and choose Internet from HughesNet today.