No High-speed Internet in Rural Areas? No Problem!

It can be very difficult finding decent high-speed Internet in rural areas. Ground-based Internet providers’ copper or fiber-optic lines may not reach some of the country’s more rural locations, which can limit their availability. There typically are not a lot of great rural Internet options available, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for dial-up.

If you’re asking yourself “How can I possibly get rural Internet service in my area?” don’t worry. There is a solution, and it’s called satellite Internet. Call today to learn more about the best rural Internet service in the country!

When All Else Fails, There’s Always Satellite Internet!

For a lot of people living in urban areas, there are more Internet options to choose from. However, when it comes to rural Internet providers, the pickings might seem a little slim at first. There are, however, high-speed satellite Internet options, offering speeds and online perks that rival or even surpass those of DSL and dial-up.

HughesNet™, for example, offers customers access to around-the-clock tech support, email accounts for the whole family to stay connected and spam and virus counter-measures for email. All you need to enjoy the benefits of this versatile rural Internet service is a clear view of the southern sky!

DSL, dial-up and cable – on the other hand – all have their own limitations that satellite Internet doesn’t:

Satellite Internet vs. Ground-Based Internet

Problems with cable and DSL Internet in rural areas usually boil down to one word: availability. Running miles and miles of lines from network centers to individual homes and businesses involves a significant investment of resources that not all cable and telephone companies are willing to make. With ground-based Internet service, providing rural Internet simply may not be cost-effective.

All that’s left is dial-up, right? Not necessarily. Dial-up isn’t known for its speed or consistency in performance. Not to mention you tie up the phone line every time you log onto your service which defeats the purpose of why most people use the Internet — to stay connected. Dial-up is typically not your best rural Internet option.

Finding high-speed Internet in rural areas doesn’t have to be a lost cause, however. Satellite Internet providers like HughesNet are there to help customers stay connected no matter where they call home in the contiguous United States. Because the signals travel through the atmosphere, satellite Internet is widely available — including rural areas that ground-based Internet services don’t reach.

Next time you’re stuck trying to shop for decent rural Internet providers, look up! HughesNet is one possibility.

Satellite Internet – Rocket Science That Keeps You Connected

Remember the earlier question of “How can I possibly get rural Internet service in my area?” The answer could be simpler than rocket science – satellite Internet.

Satellite Internet services like HughesNet can offer reliable Internet speeds and services to all 48 contiguous states in the US. In the case of HughesNet, this is achieved through the use of their two satellites – EchoStar XVII and SPACEWAY 3. Other rural Internet providers can’t compete with the speeds offered by HughesNet.

Call today to learn more about how HughesNet can help you stay connected, no matter where you live in the contiguous United States!